Data Detectives is located in the heart of Miami's Downtown Business District.  Our skilled data analyst use the latest business intelligence software tools and techniques to provide visibility into a company’s data. By being able to visualize and understand business data, employees can make more informed decisions and impact the company in a positive way.


We help businesses:

  • Easily visualize and understand company data

  • Encourage data-driven decision making for business optimization

  • Discover new insights that can enhance the bottom line

  • Track key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Provides insights based on map and spatial data

  • Visualize data from unstructured text data sets

  • Use patterns and trends from past data to plan for future possibilities.


There are seemingly infinite insights a business can pull from their data. At Data Detectives we help businesses with:

Data-Driven Decision-Making

We help you understand all aspects of the business, including hiring forecasts, which marketing campaign should be used to target certain demographics, which sales prospects to target first, supply chain optimization, and much more. By using data to drive every decision the business makes, the company can optimize and achieve its fullest potential.

Measure and Understand Company Performance

We help you track and measure company goals to determine why your business is either exceeding or falling short of those important company metrics. It is one thing to simply know where your sales numbers are or how your web traffic is performing, but it is another to dig into the reasons behind it and adapt based on what is successful and what is not.

Discover New Actionable Insights

We combine data from a variety of sources in your organization including sales, accounting, finance, marketing, enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, CRMs, & others to find correlations between different departments and discover previously hidden insights. Because these teams are generally isolated from each using disparate software, these insights have traditionally been much more difficult to discover.


At Data Detectives our vision is to work closely with the sales, marketing, and operations teams to help offer insights and optimize processes.

Sales Teams

We work closely with sales teams to help them find insights into prospective accounts, sales performance, and pipeline forecasting to ensure they are bringing in the most revenue possible. Managers can keep tabs on the performance of each representative and maintain a clear picture of the potential pipeline. Additionally, we help sales teams track year-long goals and quotas to give the entire company visibility into high-level sales numbers.

Marketing Teams

We help these teams track the performance different marketing campaigns, whether they are email, digital advertising, or even billboard campaigns. By measuring the performance of each effort, teams can plan for future campaigns and forecast how much revenue they can attribute to said efforts and also dig deeper into marketing efforts by segmenting customers based on a range of demographics to really understand which campaigns resonate with which segment of their customer base. This can help the marketing team make a targeted effort moving forward.

Operations and Supply Chain Teams

We help supply chain managers optimize a number of inventory processes to save time, resources, and ensure that they are not over- or under-producing. We can help optimize distribution routes and ensure service-level agreements (SLAs) are hit on time. Additionally, we can help warehouse workers track their daily goals to ensure all operations are running smoothly. All of these optimizations can help businesses stay on track and achieve higher company-wide goals.

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