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Data Detectives is located in the heart of Miami's Downtown Business District. We specialize in:

        • predictive maintenance               • prescriptive/descriptive analytics

        • machine learning                       • time-series data analysis

        • data mining                              • predictive analytics/forecasting

        • web mining                              • geospatial data analysis

        • data cleansing                          • fraud detection

        • information extraction                 • business analytics

        • statistical analysis                      • knowledge discovery

        • data visualizations                     • dashboards


Our skilled data scientists use the latest business intelligence software to help executives make more informed business decisions.

Data Cleansing

Remove inconsistencies from your data

  • Get rid of extra spaces from your data

  • Remove errors

  • Scrub data for duplicate entries

  • Fix typos

Find interesting observations in your data

  • Discover patterns

  • Spot anomalies

  • Extract important variables 

  • Detect outliers

  • Find correlations

Exploratory Data Analysis

Machine Learning

Automate model building using advanced algorithms & statistical models

  • Linear regression

  • Decision trees

  • K-Means clustering

  • Naive Bayes

  • K-nearest neighbor

Understand significant information through graphical representations

  • Bar charts

  • Line graphs

  • Scatter plots

  • Maps

  • Pie charts

  • Histograms

  • Box-plots

  • Tree maps

Data Visualizations